Monday, September 6, 2010

New Covenant Theology and the Mosaic Law

A friend on FaceBook just pointed me to an in depth exegetical analysis of Matthew 5:17-20. Check it out:

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  1. in the new covenant christ is yoked to our hearts, and "without me you can do nothing". not only do we live under grace but we are told to lean on it.

    under the old to my knowledge there were no passages that said by leaning on grace you can abide by my regulations,or can embrace my spirit.


    there is another aspect that is part of the new covenant, and that is the evolvement of man. in scientific terms is called "spirial dynamic". it gives credence that man's awareness, his ability to use his brain, his connnection to the world around him has definitely evolvemnt from caveman to present.

    i always thought that if 21st century man was transported back to 2500 bc, he would have difficulty ascribing humanity to what he witnessed among humans, slaughtering old men women and children with the sword out of nothing more than religious conviction, that merely the wrong spoken word could mean instant execution (samuel). what is the nature that a man has to be able to live with himself and willingly be able to participate in the slaughter. david has been characterized as being a stone cold killer, but in all actuality he was no different than anyone else who lived at that time.

    i see no possibility for the understanding of one's neighbor to transistion from a member of one's tribe, to anyone who treats one well, to everyone else, without that evolvement.